Graduate Student Handbook

The Graduate School (GS) (formerly Office of Research & Graduate Studies (ORG)) has prepared the Graduate Student Handbook document for students, faculty and staff to help define their responsibilities and to explain the policies and procedures that govern graduate study at Alfaisal University For information about programs, curricula & study plans students, faculty and staff should access the Graduate Catalog. A special acknowledgement is made to the Unified Law Organizing Graduate Studies at Saudi Universities from the Ministry of Higher Education (MOE) (2009) as translated by the Deanship of Graduate Studies at King Saud University.

This section describes the admission cycle and the policies that govern the application, applicant evaluation, and admission of new graduate students. Students may apply for admissions to graduate programs at Alfaisal University from any other university both within and from outside Saudi Arabia. The Graduate School (GS) sets the minimum application requirements and has the ultimate authority to approve or deny graduate admission.

Registration will be conducted through the Graduate School. New students should get acquainted with the courses of their colleges depending on the field of study so that their choice of courses for each semester be in their best interest and as harmonious as possible with student’s capabilities. The Registration Department in the Graduate School takes the responsibility of registering fresh, newly accepted students for the first semester. After that, students can modify their schedules (add or drop) as they see fit within a certain timeframe.

Other students in all levels will take the responsibility of registering themselves in the chosen courses at the beginning of each semester and during a specified time. To make students able of registering themselves independently, they will be given access to an electronic channel called Net Classroom. Students will find choices which enable each one of them to conduct completely the registration process as he/she desires.

This section explains commonly used terms in graduate studies.